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Game Rules

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Game Rules



Every kind of use.

1st offense = permanent ban

If you are in a Group/Party with a bad Player, you will get 15 Days ban.



1st offense = pernanent ban



All marketing Items in real/US Dollar is out of our Hands. We give no Support if Seller/Buyer try to Theft.


Use Bug

1st punishment = 3 Days ban (In case of bug that favors the level will be removed)

2nd punishment = 7 Days ban and 5 Level

3rd punishment = 15 Days ban and 7 Level

4th punishment = permanent ban


  • Use of 300 Human burying will result in punishment only if the Player bury shooting, if the Player is buried without shooting is allowed.


*** This will also affect Players who are in a Group/Party with bad Players (attempt to kill Boss)

1st punishment = 15 Days ban

2nd punishment = permanent ban


Aidia and Hybrid Rule

It is not allowed for the Aidia and the Hybrider to goes through the Wall in S1/S2/S3 and S4. We regard it as a Bug!

It is also not allowed for the Aidia to use the Water Ponds in S1/S2.


1st punishment = 15 Days ban and 10 Level

2nd punishment = permanent ban


Non-remains Buff

If someone tries selling the non-remains Buff, he will get punished.

300% Attack 30min

Buff Critical Damage 30%

Buff Mob Stamina down 30%

Buff Full Potion 10k

The Name of this Buff`s shows up in yellow before you use them. Sometimes it can happen, that they not dissapear after you use. And then the Name shows up in red.

If the Name turns into red, the Buff is used and can`t used again. Them are Non-remains-Buff.

Please don`t drop them in Laglamia, new Players will pick up.


1st punishment = warning

2nd punishment = 3 Days ban


Screenshot with Timecheck is enough for report.



Harassment, homophobia, swearing, insults Administrators and Gamemasters charge to a Member of Staff corruption or favoritism without undeniable proof.

(Only serious and very serios Character insults will be punished. Will not accept fdp, insults the Mother and other mild insults Child Character.)


1st offense = 1 Day ban

2nd offense = 3 Days ban

3rd offense = 7 Days ban

4th offense = permanent ban


Duplicate Item

We investigate regularly, whether there are duplicate Items.

When duplicate Items were found, we delete them and ban the Account.


If you can prove that you bought it, we`ll be able to respond to the Item recovery.


Proof Method:

Two Screenshots that before and after buying, or a Video.

Do not forgett the Timecheck!



If Players use Macro Software, it will be punished with a permanent Ban.


GM Event

It is not allowed to PK on all kind of GM Events.


1st time = Warning (the character will be recorded on our List)

2nd time = 3 Days ban

3rd time = 7 Days ban

4th time = 30 Days ban


If the Player kill the GM, it counts as a sabotage act, the punishment is the 3rd and 4th.


PK at waiting Room/Save Zone

PvP is allowed with Guild War System (Guild Battle System). It is NOT allowed, to kill or attack Players without Guild or in neutral Guild! Also it is NOT allowed, to kill on Town of Laglamia! This Map is the NO-PVP-Map!!

(Don´t worry, on Soccer Field you can still kill each other.)

Players without Guild or in neutral Guild, if we see, that you run into the fighting Players, to provoke a Ban, we will be punish this.

Players with Guild and participate of the Guild War System, think about your Area-dmg!


1st time = 3 Days ban

2nd time = 7 Days ban

3rd time = 30 Days ban


Revenge Event

This Event was made for beginners and mid-level Players. Thats why, we made two Rules only for this Event, that ALL can enjoy it.

  • It is forbidden to pick up a Weapon/Armor that is not for your Race.

  • Prohibited to give PK during the Event

Ban of 7 Days for any of the infractions committed!


Account sharing

Your Account and Password Managment is your responsibility. If your Item was stolen by Account sharing, we can`t support, because it`s nearly impossible to track it.


Server to Server trade

It isn`t allowed for sell or exchange of the account between our Server and other Company Servers.

It is also prohibited to request server to server trade using Chat or Personal Shop in game.

If you violated this Rule, your main account will be banned.


1st time = 20 Days ban

2nd time = permanent ban


See Reminders


Racism, or Names of sexual Characters are not tolerated. The Names will be changed by the Team and in case of repeat offenses, the Character will be banned.

We also not tolerated xenophoby in all ways.

Don`t use Insults by racism, pornographic, homophobia, swearing, culture or country!

We are ALL Humans, no matter what Country we live in or what color our Skin have.

Do not use the Global chat (Megaphone) for fights or Insults.


In Case the Insults not stopping, we will punish it with ban.

1st time = warning

2nd time = 7 Days ban

3rd time = 15 Days ban


  • Ask for Items or Levels to a GM, will be result in a Warning.

  • Unauthorized access will be not tolerated and may result in IP ban.

  • Harassment will not be tolerated, the Team will decide the punishment.

  • To unnecessary confusion with Names/Tags (GM or Admin) is not allowed if you are not a part of the Team.

  • All the rest is up to the Team and we will make our Decision.

  • Sundry Rules see the terms of use when you created the Account.

  • If a Player find a Bug (Problem/Error) in the Game, contact the Team by Ticket or on Discord Chat.

  • If the Player find a Bug/Error in Game (example last Lvl up Event with getting more exp each mob) and not inform the Team about this Error, will give punish. Team will make the dicision each case seperatly!




Every complaint must be made with Video and Timecheck. We dont accept denounces with Screenshot! (only if the Rule allow it to send Screenshots)


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